2018年8月9日 : Walking

2018年8月3日 : Audition

2018年7月16日 : #TGA18 3: review

2018年7月14日 : Avex

2018In July, 10 pm : From TV Tokyo ~!

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Now, I can do things through Vsound "to support you in the best thing! ' It is.
Will support if you need in even after foster, who grew up.

Where there is open!
Let's work together!




V sign(Peace), From Vsound is V the stuck sound!
Desire better to heal many people link how they became Vsound.
Currently Vsound, lower infant, on we have a wide range of people's 80-year-old.
Hobbies, beauty, health, release stress!
Professional choice!
Your goal is different.
Vsound offers individually tailored lessons and suggestions, make sure to raise your level.