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16 Vsound Spring Live

3On the 25th(Day)
12:00 Concert
in vegetable bar kaneshi t.
Admission free

Perform daily!
Anyone, please feel free to come!?!

[Date] 12/30 (Saturday) 11:00 I ~
[Location] Vsound
[Property] none

2017Thank you for a year, year.
With the feeling of appreciation, every year December 30, making mochi
From Vsound we have gotten avalanches to everyone.
Empty handed, if you please-not!
And on the day's strong men! It is urgent! (Lol)

2017December 17.
19: 00-
All you can eat at Gyu-Kaku. All you can drink.

Enclosed steel plate, with everyone together!

2017Also, take care now.
Also more excited about planning next year plan to!

◇ ◆-No. 15 times Vsound LIVE ◇ ◆ ◇

Date: 9/24(Day)12:00~
Venue: vegetable bar kaneshi t. (Fujieda Station North exit from 50 paces in a skip)
Date of admission: free! Anyone can watch!